Moral Tales from A Dystopian Future – Chapter II

The meteorite your science teacher claims hit the earth and wiped off the dinosaurs wasn’t really a meteorite. It was The RED Dragon. It’s velocity and fire burnt the entire planet for centuries before sentient beings like you could evolve from single cellular organisms

The Red Dragon


We meet a narrator who is under treatment for a psychiatric disorder. The narrator claims to be a demi-god who has walked the earth from the beginning of time with his brother Kato. In a broader sense, the narrator represents the good and his brother evil. Over time, both have influenced individuals and maintained a fair balance of good and evil. The narrator continually is searching for the daughter of Fire Goddess, who will help him defeat Kato and make the planet a better place.

Chapter -II

I hope I haven’t lost credibility in front of you now that I have mentioned my present condition. You have to be objective in your approach while evaluating me.

Yes, I am under psychiatric care, but I wasn’t admitted here willfully. Unusual turn of events led me here.

After long, I lost my patience a few nights ago. I was in a bar listening to the rambling of a young drunk boy. He kept on mentioning how his mother was a whore, his father a bastard, and how gods ruined everything for him.

I casually pointed out that he still had control. All he needed to do was sober up, go to bed, wake up early and do his daily chores; life is beautiful. To which his response was a beer bottle on my head.

I had let the Red Dragon remain dormant for long. It went on a rampage that night. Within moments the entire place was in ruins.

Oh, hold on, I think I haven’t mentioned the Red Dragon yet. You obviously need more explanation.

So, here we go…

In your terms, Red Dragon is my spirit animal. It is whom I call when I have to use violence. The Red Dragon is mighty and was created when the gods realized that conscious beings cannot venture until the dinosaurs remained. That’s when the Red Dragon was first unleashed.

The meteorite your science teacher claims hit the earth and wiped off the dinosaurs wasn’t really a meteorite. It was The RED Dragon. It’s velocity and fire burnt the entire planet for centuries before sentient beings like you could evolve from single cellular organisms.

Since then, The Red Dragon rested inside the Holy Father Jupiter. I call on him at times when I need rescue from forces I can’t conquer.

I had no business calling it for a bar fight, but I was enraged. I didn’t think straight.

I called upon the Red Dragon, and poof, the entire place went up in flames.

Glad the CCTV burned down too.

I wasn’t really in shock. When you are as old as me, these little things don’t bother you emotionally, but they do spiritually!

I could feel the pain of every person who lost a family member on the day because I lost control. I couldn’t bear it. I yelled to the Fire Marshall, ‘I burned them all,” and the next thing I know, I am admitted to a psych ward under evaluation for my mental health.

This isn’t the first time I have been admitted. There were wealthy women in the past who often thought I was crazy when I used to make love to them for days without consuming food or water.

Some thought I was possessed. So, I had my share of exorcisms as well.

Nonetheless, I have survived all, and I will survive this too.

Now, this journal that you are reading is also not the first journal I ever wrote. I have written, suggested and influenced countless pieces of text. I will not shatter your beliefs by claiming that literary geniuses such as Dostoevsky or Tolstoy or legendary painters like Vincent or Picasso or scientists such as Newton and Einstein were influenced by me at some time or other.

I won’t say this.

I don’t want to give you cognitive dissonance at this juncture; however, now that we are speaking, let me tell you, Newton was picking the apple up and was gonna eat it. I was on mushrooms. I guess his had worn off; I casually suggested, ‘hey buddy, ever wondered why the apple falls down,’ and the next thing I know, you guys were sending rockets into space.

Alyssa once told me that it was a little ahead of time. Humans were not supposed to understand gravity so early. They were meant to be primitive a little longer, but that didn’t happen, and the result was The Great Depression and the Holocaust.

You have no clue how minor incidents cause a ripple effect on the broader scale and become history-altering events.

Nonetheless, me and Kato, both have made our share of mistakes.

One mindless action of Kato was introducing magic. Trust me, you humans were not supposed to know magic. Magic began science. Not that the gods mind your little attempt to understand things that are beyond your comprehension. They don’t mind you trying. However, your dependency on calculations has led you to become mechanical in your approach towards life also.

Do you even remember how does a sunflower smells? You might remember the scent of rose. There are enough knockouts in your home with the after taste of Rose, but you don’t really remember how a lily smells, or a cactus feels.


This is my question to you!

Houdini worshipped KATO. I guess Kato really loved Houdini. He never attempted to corrupt his soul. He let Charlie Chaplin live in peace too. Charlie had a terrible temper, man!

He was capable of unprovoked violence. As a child, he hurt animals for fun. Kato could have used him for the advancement of his goals, but he didn’t. He let the legendary artist just be a wife-beater. That is settling for less if you compare it to genocide.

You see, every event is relative once you place it in front of an event of similar nature but larger magnitude. It all is relative!

I also let Dostoevsky be peaceful in his misery. I could have made him a spiritual being, but then he would have lost his gift.

And what do you think was his gift?

No, not writing; that is just a skill. His gift was endurance. He could bear almost everything. Damn a hard soul!

Anyway, now in this year, 2074, I sit here in a psych ward, writing this journal for you to read about how I met your mother—the daughter of the fire goddess and the destruction aftermath.

Dear daughter, hope you will read this someday and forgive your father for being such a terrible person.

Author: Nishant Nishit

Hi, I am Nishant. I am a spiritual degenerate in pursuit of the absolute truth. I am a celibate monk. I prefer reading and writing over talking. Send me a letter someday and we will bond!

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