Moral Tales from A Dystopian Future – Chapter II

The meteorite your science teacher claims hit the earth and wiped off the dinosaurs wasn’t really a meteorite. It was The RED Dragon. It’s velocity and fire burnt the entire planet for centuries before sentient beings like you could evolve from single cellular organisms

The Red Dragon


We meet a narrator who is under treatment for a psychiatric disorder. The narrator claims to be a demi-god who has walked the earth from the beginning of time with his brother Kato. In a broader sense, the narrator represents the good and his brother evil. Over time, both have influenced individuals and maintained a fair balance of good and evil. The narrator continually is searching for the daughter of Fire Goddess, who will help him defeat Kato and make the planet a better place.

Chapter -II

I hope I haven’t lost credibility in front of you now that I have mentioned my present condition. You have to be objective in your approach while evaluating me.

Yes, I am under psychiatric care, but I wasn’t admitted here willfully. Unusual turn of events led me here.

After long, I lost my patience a few nights ago. I was in a bar listening to the rambling of a young drunk boy. He kept on mentioning how his mother was a whore, his father a bastard, and how gods ruined everything for him.

I casually pointed out that he still had control. All he needed to do was sober up, go to bed, wake up early and do his daily chores; life is beautiful. To which his response was a beer bottle on my head.

I had let the Red Dragon remain dormant for long. It went on a rampage that night. Within moments the entire place was in ruins.

Oh, hold on, I think I haven’t mentioned the Red Dragon yet. You obviously need more explanation.

So, here we go…

In your terms, Red Dragon is my spirit animal. It is whom I call when I have to use violence. The Red Dragon is mighty and was created when the gods realized that conscious beings cannot venture until the dinosaurs remained. That’s when the Red Dragon was first unleashed.

The meteorite your science teacher claims hit the earth and wiped off the dinosaurs wasn’t really a meteorite. It was The RED Dragon. It’s velocity and fire burnt the entire planet for centuries before sentient beings like you could evolve from single cellular organisms.

Since then, The Red Dragon rested inside the Holy Father Jupiter. I call on him at times when I need rescue from forces I can’t conquer.

I had no business calling it for a bar fight, but I was enraged. I didn’t think straight.

I called upon the Red Dragon, and poof, the entire place went up in flames.

Glad the CCTV burned down too.

I wasn’t really in shock. When you are as old as me, these little things don’t bother you emotionally, but they do spiritually!

I could feel the pain of every person who lost a family member on the day because I lost control. I couldn’t bear it. I yelled to the Fire Marshall, ‘I burned them all,” and the next thing I know, I am admitted to a psych ward under evaluation for my mental health.

This isn’t the first time I have been admitted. There were wealthy women in the past who often thought I was crazy when I used to make love to them for days without consuming food or water.

Some thought I was possessed. So, I had my share of exorcisms as well.

Nonetheless, I have survived all, and I will survive this too.

Now, this journal that you are reading is also not the first journal I ever wrote. I have written, suggested and influenced countless pieces of text. I will not shatter your beliefs by claiming that literary geniuses such as Dostoevsky or Tolstoy or legendary painters like Vincent or Picasso or scientists such as Newton and Einstein were influenced by me at some time or other.

I won’t say this.

I don’t want to give you cognitive dissonance at this juncture; however, now that we are speaking, let me tell you, Newton was picking the apple up and was gonna eat it. I was on mushrooms. I guess his had worn off; I casually suggested, ‘hey buddy, ever wondered why the apple falls down,’ and the next thing I know, you guys were sending rockets into space.

Alyssa once told me that it was a little ahead of time. Humans were not supposed to understand gravity so early. They were meant to be primitive a little longer, but that didn’t happen, and the result was The Great Depression and the Holocaust.

You have no clue how minor incidents cause a ripple effect on the broader scale and become history-altering events.

Nonetheless, me and Kato, both have made our share of mistakes.

One mindless action of Kato was introducing magic. Trust me, you humans were not supposed to know magic. Magic began science. Not that the gods mind your little attempt to understand things that are beyond your comprehension. They don’t mind you trying. However, your dependency on calculations has led you to become mechanical in your approach towards life also.

Do you even remember how does a sunflower smells? You might remember the scent of rose. There are enough knockouts in your home with the after taste of Rose, but you don’t really remember how a lily smells, or a cactus feels.


This is my question to you!

Houdini worshipped KATO. I guess Kato really loved Houdini. He never attempted to corrupt his soul. He let Charlie Chaplin live in peace too. Charlie had a terrible temper, man!

He was capable of unprovoked violence. As a child, he hurt animals for fun. Kato could have used him for the advancement of his goals, but he didn’t. He let the legendary artist just be a wife-beater. That is settling for less if you compare it to genocide.

You see, every event is relative once you place it in front of an event of similar nature but larger magnitude. It all is relative!

I also let Dostoevsky be peaceful in his misery. I could have made him a spiritual being, but then he would have lost his gift.

And what do you think was his gift?

No, not writing; that is just a skill. His gift was endurance. He could bear almost everything. Damn a hard soul!

Anyway, now in this year, 2074, I sit here in a psych ward, writing this journal for you to read about how I met your mother—the daughter of the fire goddess and the destruction aftermath.

Dear daughter, hope you will read this someday and forgive your father for being such a terrible person.

Moral Tales from A Dystopian Future – Chapter I

It is 2074. A lot has changed in the world. The world you know is no longer the world I live in. It has been 30 years since the great uprising. For centuries patriarchy and right-wing values governed the globe. Then came radical feminists. They ruled poorly; they didn’t last even a decade. Not because they didn’t have excellent leaders. They had one of the best your times had ever seen.

Who Killed Jesus?

It is 2074. A lot has changed in the world. The world you know is no longer the world I live in. It has been 30 years since the great uprising. For centuries patriarchy and right-wing values governed the globe. Then came radical feminists. They ruled poorly; they didn’t last even a decade. Not because they didn’t have excellent leaders. They had one of the best your times had ever seen.

However, they could never be decisive. Everything became an endless discussion. Nothing ever got resolved. Not even the fundamental national issue, whether the toilet seat should be kept up or down!

Their quick rise and downfall was followed by a power vacuum, which finally was grabbed by the communists. The communists didn’t bring anything new. It was USSR and Gulags all over again. With no personal accountability, the commie idiots ran amuck, raping and killing everyone they pleased. Until there were none left.

Finally, the only idiots who could ever rise in a divided ecosystem, the patriarchs, rose again. This time they were furious. They didn’t show any signs of weakness. They, too, ran riot. But they only targeted the elders. They didn’t see any use of senior citizens, and the ironic truth was most of them were in their late fifties, and they were ordering 20 years old to shoot 70 years olds—what a shit show! But at least they were able to handle power, unlike their predecessors.

Maybe it is a good thing that the rich rule and the poor serve. Perhaps that’s how the world is supposed to be. It is anyways prey and predator. Why deceive ourselves in believing that there is a shred of decency left in us when reality points otherwise!

I am eons old. However, I am not sure. We in the heavens do not calculate time as you humans do. I remember I was a kid when Jesus was crucified. Soon after, my mother, Alyssa, sent me to earth. Since then, I have been wandering, surviving, and preaching. I did well in the first two. The third one, I don’t deserve even a B+. See the world around you. You know my preachings fell on deaf ears!

At times I blame myself for everything but then whenever I feel guilty about not fulfilling my duties towards you humans, I think of Jesus and what you guys put him through. That keeps me at peace. I don’t mind procrastinating my preachings. Now I didn’t even pray.

Alyssa often chuckles in my visions on how ironic is it that the person who was sent to teach people prayers doesn’t pray himself! Well, we all fail. Don’t we, and when we are around flawed humans, we fail often.

Buddha was one of the few people I enjoyed my time with. He was known as Siddhartha then. What a fine young man he was. I don’t know whether I did well preaching to him to leave his wife and newborn baby. You guys must think that someone in such a responsible position as me might be a little more sure of what he says or does.


I don’t owe you guys anything, and in retrospect, whatever I do doesn’t matter in the long run, and time doesn’t flow forward as you humans perceive. I will elaborate on this later. This is too complicated for you to comprehend now. You need more background.

They call me Yogi nowadays. I have been known by many names in the past. Names you are familiar with!

I have witnessed every atrocity your people committed in the name of gods for their own greed.

You do know that you are supposed to please the gods and not anger them. Think about one selfless sacrifice you have ever done for the gods.

Think harder.

None! Yet you expect the gods to be generous and shower you with all you ever desire. Manage your expectations, buddy.

In these current times, no one worships. I don’t blame them for it. Life’s hard. In ancient times, when these men and women grew uneasy, they used to turn to my fathers in the heavens. Then came the brokers. For a considerable part, Popes, Priests, Kings, and Godmen became brokers to the Gods. I remember once I met a Pope who offered me a ticket to heaven. He was shocked when I told him, ‘I don’t need a ticket to visit my father.’

I guess he saw the truth in my eyes. He died of heart failure that night. He was a very healthy man. He ate and slept well for the most part of his life. Everyone was surprised at his untimely dismal death. I swear I had no role to play. I did not wish for it to happen.

Wishes do come true. Hope you know!

Once the brokers lost their power, these men and women moved to the men inside the tube. TV became their new god. If the man on the TV said to wear white, they wore white. Then came a man in orange who said wear orange and everyone wore orange. Then came a man who said kill everyone who doesn’t wear orange and began the color wars. Everyone wanted to paint the town red, and the towns were painted red. Only not with paint.

I enjoy all kinds of sights.  When you have spent the number of years I have, you have seen it all. Nothing surprised me ever after they crucified Jesus. That was the only day I ever experienced what you humans call SHOCK. Not only was I shocked, but I was also surprised why the Almighty Father allowed such brutality to happen to his own Son.

I am not even in a distant family. Just to clarify, I am not royal. I do not have royal blood. Only the true gods are royal. You must have heard of the gods. There are all kinds of them. They rule you people. Laxmi, Hanuman, Durga, Hammurabi, Gandhi… sorry, I guess the last two were just legendary men. When you spent so much time as me on this godforsaken planet, you often get confused. I usually have this discussion with the guards at the gates of heaven. I ask why they don’t put Nelson in the royal suite, and they always reply that it is only reserved for the gods and Nelson was a great man, but he doesn’t have royal blood. So at some level, I and Nelson both are ordinary beings for the gods.

I don’t like talking much about myself. At times I get confused about who I am. Every 20-30 years, I change my name… my identity. When I visited the east and befriended Krishna, Buddha, and Gandhi during his early years, I kinda settled here. I was told that in my last of travels I will meet a woman. This woman will be the end of all my prayers and bring me to my salvation.

Let me try and explain to you who I am. Hold on to your head above your shoulders; this is a little complicated, just a little complex than neurosurgery and quantum mechanics combined, just a tiny bit.

This will be a brief introduction. You will keep on knowing me as we proceed.

I first was created out of love. My mother never revealed much to me. Rather she hardly said anything. I did not even know that I was gifted or blessed. I found it out on my own.

She did tell me I had no father. I was born pure. (whatever that means) I don’t believe in the holy immaculate. No such phenomenon was explained to me when I was in the heavenly school of misfits.

After my initial upbringing, mostly survival training in some damp corner of the Amazonian jungles, she left my brother and me to your unknown lands with just one thing to do: preach.

She told me to preach generosity, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, and all those girlie-sounding terms, and he was given the task to preach lust, greed, hatred, resentment, and all those big bulky emotions you humans are laden with.

In all honesty, both of us wavered. I had my years of trying hands on lust and going to orgies, and he did have his years of meditating with the lamas of Tibet, but in totality, we did stick to our purpose. He created the Hitlers and the Saddams. I made the Vincents and the Picassos. We maintained a fair balance.

Now, I don’t trust mother. In all fairness, she told me not to trust any woman as women hold the key to the underworld. However, I always liked women. I enjoyed a fair share of their company.

My first decent pupil ever was Markus. He later became, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, he still is the most famous man. After Markus’s death, I met the first woman I ever got to know intimately. Her name was Cleopatra and let me tell you, no one ever walked the earth like her ever again. She was a true goddess.

Before shipping me off to this godforsaken planet, Alleysa did tell me that after centuries I will meet the Daughter of Fire Goddess. I and her will light the fire in the ancient temples of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, and the world will get rid of Kato. Kato is the curse that was laden after Adam and Eve were sent off from the garden of Eden.

Damn! And you thought Bible was just a story. Damn you, stupid human!

Let me surprise you a little more. You chimps did not invent fire or language or built pyramids and spaceships. You were given these as gifts because you prayed hard. Someone in your tribe did something that the gods liked and gave you these tools as gifts.

The wheel was all me, just thought you should know. Now that we are talking let me tell you why and how.

There was this poor mother; I daily saw her drag 3 children on a piece of wooden bark. She made this awful noise, and this was centuries before Krishna’s arrival. I used to stay in Tibet. This was before there was any Tibet. I used to practice Bansuri, a musical instrument that I was supposed to teach to Yahoda’s Son Krishna. He, too, had the royal blood of Vishnu. So I was supposed to teach him arts, culture, swordsmanship, archery, yoga, sadhna, manifestation, shapeshifting, and what not… All Alyssa ever did was hand me a task list every winter. Those were the only few moments in time I got to see my mother.

At times I think I, too, suffer from mommy issues like you humans.

Seeing that mother make such an awful noise, I took pity and helped her. She made love to me as an act of kindness. It was beautiful. There is nothing warmer in this whole wide world than the warm thighs of a kind woman.

Now there ain’t any left. You humans killed kindness!

Nonetheless, so that was the wheel.

It wasn’t you people, okay, it was me.

So yes, Cleopatra. Man, what a fine woman!

Though it was too early to be accurate, I prayed that she be the one.

During our opium trances, I often made her believe that she was the Daughter of The Fire Goddess.

Belief is potent. But as soon as the intoxication waded off, her reality changed. She was just a seductress.

My quest continued, and I met thousands of females. All of them beautiful than the earlier. Some Parsi, Some French, Few English, A great many Arabs, and a handful of Africans. I just couldn’t bear jungles. I stayed away from there. Reminded me of mother.

Finally, in 2021 met her—the Daughter of the Fire goddess! She was and is the light!

Who Am I?

I am the first-born Jupiter Optimus Maximus. I am the first and the last Prophet. I am the only one you are ever allowed to bow down to. The Daughter of the Fire goddess and I will shift the balance and build a sustainable, greener future for our younger generation.

Also, I think I missed mentioning something; I am currently in a psych ward where I am being treated for acute delusional disorder. Not that it is important, but I thought you should know.

Sleep well, dear friend! Sleep well.

Dear डेल्ही: À la prochaine

We fall in love with people, places, philosophies, products and pain. I fell in love with you!

Dear Dilli,

I was 14 when I first met you. A little kid from a small town with 300 bucks, high hopes and crazy dreams. It has been 17 years since then, look what I have become!

I won’t play a victim and blame you for making me who I am. Not that I am unhappy or miserable. However, what is happiness, when the things you cared for the most are no longer even your distant priority.

We fall in love with people, places, philosophies, products and pain. I fell in love with you!

You had all I could ever dream of. You were beautiful. You were resilient. You had power. You had control.

Yes, there were few scoundrels around you.

And yes, one had to battle demons and monsters to admire the real you but all that was worth every minute I got to spend with you.

I know I cheated on you a few times!

I apologize for my misconduct.

I shouldn’t have fallen in love with Kashmir.

Neither Noida, nor Gurgaon!

I shouldn’t have loved the valleys and the lakes alike.

Oh, dear Dilli, please forgive me if you could.

And look what happened.

Yes, you may smile and yes you can smile! Laugh at my misery.

This obstinacy is what always pulled me to you. Your arrogant resentment.

And, let me also tell you that I always stood by you. Apart from that one time when women were getting frequently raped, (they still do, we are just too busy staring at the unruly flowing beard) I never spoke ill about you. And for that you did punish me well. Banished me for two years. I guess that did settle the score.

It was a crazy ride. Wasn’t it!

We held hands in Chandni Chowks, Khan Markets and Connaught Places. We made love in Rajouri gardens and Kailash colonies. And oh those streets of Khirki… I will give up everything to roam in them once again.

But no, I can’t do this anymore. You broke my heart.

I can’t be around you anymore. Not that I claim that I didn’t deserve it.

Oh, I deserved all of it. And a little more. But I can’t take it anymore.

I gotta go! I gotta heal!

How else will I do the things you wanted me to do!

I am going to a different town, a different city, I will keep on moving, wandering… never ever fall in love with a place again. You taught me a valuable lesson. Never fall in love with people, places and philosophies. Never fall in love.

Thank you dear Dilli.

P.S: I hope you find someone who will love you more than me and for who you truly are – a cultured savage. And me, oh I will always be in the little pictures, the little pictures you took of me, from those non-functioning CCTVs hanging like a failed man’s balls at every corner on every street.

Love you always!

Unfaithfully yours,